My blood test result was normal and so i went ahead to book my flight to medan.

Took the earliest flight to medan and i almost overslept.. aha.

The clinic chauffeur Suyono picked me up from the airport and the journey to the clinic was about 1.5 hours.


This is dr Arthur’s clinic and he actually stays in the clinic too! So rest assured that you are in good care, and he will come drop by your room to check on you to see if you are ok, during the first night after lipo.


Dr. Arthur’s nurse greeted me after i walked into the clinic. After filling out a form, the house maid showed me around the clinic, the gym, living room ,etc and then brought me to my room.


clinic6 DSC_0058

The cozy looking sofa in the living room with an attached kitchen, where you can get your complimentary milo, fruits and water from there.

The bedroom was okay, just that the bed was kind of hard  and I could see alittle blood stain on the wardrobe. The wifi was very weak in my room, so it is actually quite troublesome and uneasy for me and my partner to go the the living room to use internet. Hopefully by the next trip i come for my lipo, the wifi problem is fixed already. 🙂

p/s: Do remember to ask the maid to clean the bedroom and change the bedsheets for you, as you will sure to have some of your blood stained on the bedsheet.

Please bring your own dettol. Took a shower with the dettol and changed into the green color gown before heading down for the blood test which is to measure your fats.

Dr Arthur is a very frank and non-pushy doctor who will not force you to go ahead with the liposuction if you are uncomfortable with the procedure. He was very detailed during the consultation and so the surgery was carried out after lunch.

After the consultation, Dr inserted the IV drip tap on one side of my hand and then we had lunch before the surgery start.

As i was very nervous and have really low pain tolerances, I asked dr Arthur to give me more sedation.. hehe. After the pre -op photos and videos was  taken, dr Arthur then drew some markings on the areas to be lipo-ed, and apply the yellow lotions. I was then asked to lay down on the operation table, the next thing i know, i must have fell into a deep sleep.  I couldn’t really remembered what really happened during the whole procedure, “thank God”, but i can remember that i was sneezing with running nose (due to the air-con inside the surgery room) asking Doctor for  And I do remembered waking up to the sharp pain when Dr poked the long needle into my arm near the armpit and then i fell back into sleep again. I was told that i was making alot of the “ouch” sounds during the procedures hehe.

On the second day of lipo, i could went for shoppings at Sun plaza already hehe.  to my surprise, there are actually quite many things to shop in sun plaza, so girls who are shopping queen like me, do bring a bigger luggage lol. I wore an over-sized t-shirt, so couldn’t really see the bandage/ bulkiness of my arms underneath my shirt, however i brought my facial band compression ( around $150SGD) that i bought from designveronique, and wore it while shopping ..though there’s alot of stares, but who cares..haha.

I bought the arm compression 2XS size ($321SGD) from alpha-health after i got back to singapore, got to emphasis the importance of wearing a compression garment after the lipo. U can either buy your compression wear from here using vpost or you can buy direct from alpha-health (loca distributor) from here  The good thing that if you buy direct from alpha-health is that you can try on the size before you buy.

post-op 2nd day. It was painful during the massage. Part of my arms was actually numb and had some nerves pain for a few months, but it was worth it after i see my slim arm is back! 🙂
post- op 6 months. The arms still looks slim. Was lazy to do work out, so i still have the loose skin underneath my arms. Will try to work out abit to tone back my arms hopefully.
pre-op photo
Post – op 2 months photo.

Post – op 2 months photo. My jawline has significantly become slimmer, though it still looks alittle swollen, it will takes 6 months to see the final results. Even my husband have commented that the bulging fats from the side of my jaw have significantly reduced!

I wore the head band only when i sleep. Couldn’t tahan to wear the head band in our so hot Singapore’s weather and I find it rather uncomfortable to wear the head band while sleeping, so i stopped wearing the head band after a month.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the results, hence i will be going back to medan for my second liposuction of my tummy with Dr Arthur ( despite my low pain tolerance .O.o hehe ) Stay tune. 🙂

Questions and Answers

My questions and answers correspondant with Jennifer via email.

Q: will the fats comes back to the lipo-ed error or will water be replaced by fats removed, if I didn’t do the massage diligently?

Ans: None of the above. Fat will accumulate if you eat a lot without exercising.

Q: is the shopping mall safe?

Ans: Yes. But only the high end ones where the rich people go. We don’t recommend going to low-end malls. The high-end malls are Centrepoint, Sun Plaza and Cambridge City Square.

Q: how soon should I start the lymn node drainage massage after the lipo?

Ans: Within the first few days.

Q: how long is the downtime for the lipo on stomach?

Ans: Bruising for around 1 month, swelling for up to 6 months.

Q: how many week before the swell will go down for the abdominal area?

Ans: 6 months.

Q: is it possible to increase 1 to 2 cup size? Is the results permanent? 

ans: The result of fat transfer depends on whether the fat cells survive. Fat survival is higher in syringe liposuction method because syringe liposuction causes less trauma to the fat cells. Machine-assisted liposuction causes too much trauma to the fat cells. Injecting dead fat cells is not going to give a permanent result. It typically takes 2-3 sessions to increase 1 cup size.

useful informations

Q: How Dr Arhur make liposuction as safe as possible?

“Patient selection is of utmost importance. I select only the right patients. They have to pass through various stages of screening before they are allowed to come to Medan for liposuction. Besides that, try performing liposuction with just a syringe, without any machine if possible. This will significantly decrease the risk of puncturing important structures, creating dents from over-removal of fat, or burning the skin with ultrasound or laser devices. I always perform liposuction under just local anesthesia (tumescent anesthesia) and light sedation. This way, even if you hit some important structures, the patient will wake up and scream, hence avert a potential disaster. Even if you can’t feel what you are poking because you are using machine, it is impossible to poke the intestines 10 times unless the patient is heavily-sedated or put under general anesthesia! We have also come across surgeons who would perform several sessions of liposuction on patients on a few consecutive days, and even perform such major surgery without getting proper blood tests done. They are just looking for trouble! The only disadvantages of traditional syringe method are it is physically very exhausting and takes much longer time to complete compared to machine-assisted method. This translates into less cases which can be done, hence less revenue. In our case, we can only perform one liposuction surgery per day. Currently, many doctors still misrepresent facts about liposuction suggesting it is safer if performed under general anesthesia rather than local anesthesia when, in fact, the opposite is true. From the pioneering liposuction techniques introduced in Europe in the 1970s through the time it was introduced in the U.S. in the early 1980s, liposuction procedures were performed under general anesthesia. This changed in the mid-1980s when dermatologist, Jeffrey A. Klein, M.D., developed the tumescent technique. The tumescent technique, which involves local anesthesia, revolutionized liposuction and is much safer than liposuction under general anesthesia.

Q: Why blood test is important before you can go for lipo?

Many prospective clients have questioned us about the need for blood test. In countries like Singapore and Indonesia where Dr Arthur has been practicing, getting blood test done is compulsory for a major surgery like liposuction. It is to detect abnormalities which may increase the risk of serious complications which may cause death. There are 3 major things we look out for: 1. Hemoglobin: as there is significant blood loss during liposuction, we must ensure that the person has enough blood to lose. 2. Blood clotting factors: if there is any problem with blood clotting, the person may bleed to death. 3. Liver and kidney function: All methods of liposuction use tumescent anesthesia. Tumescent anesthesia contains high concentration of lidocaine which can cause toxicity especially if given to someone whose liver and kidney function is not normal. Liposuction is NOT a minor procedure as what many surgeons would like their patients to believe. A person needs to be in perfect health before he/she can go for liposuction. We place safety above all. That is why roughly 1/3 of prospective clients could not pass the initial screening process in order to be accepted for liposuction in our clinic. Once we receive all the information and blood test result, we will have Dr Arthur Tjandra review them. Once he agrees to perform liposuction for you, we will notify you, so that you can proceed to book your flight and surgery slot with us.

*Information that you need to know about Fats transfer to breast.

Fat transfer can be done to the breasts for augmentation and reshaping of the breast to create a long-lasting and natural result. There have been debates amongst surgeons on the long-term implication of fat transfer to the breasts, as fat cells may die and get calcified. On mammogram x-ray, this looks exactly the same as an early breast cancer. When faced with many calcifications on x-ray, the physician is faced with dilemma of whether to take out every single lesion for biopsy, or just to leave them alone, assuming that those are just calcified fat. In a 1987 position paper, the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery stated: “The committee is unanimous in deploring the use of autologous fat injection in breast augmentation [underlined in position paper]. Much of the injected fat will not survive, and the known physiological response to necrosis of this tissue is scarring and calcification. As a result, detection of early breast carcinoma through xerography and mammography will become difficult and the presence of disease may go undiscovered.” Ironically also in 1987, a retrospective study of the mammographic changes after breast reduction reported that calcifications were detectable in 50 percent of all mammograms more than 2 years from the time of surgery. Despite this documented high incidence of calcifications, there was no discussion of discontinuing reduction mammaplasties because the procedure might interfere with breast cancer detection. It was well recognized by 1987 that with all surgical breast procedures, there is a risk of causing lumps and/or mammographic changes. After discussion with experienced radiologists, we noted that a “confident differentiation between benign postoperative calcifications and carcinoma” could be made in most cases. Discussion had already begun in the literature concerning such problems after breast reduction and augmentation with silicone implants. Currently, radiologists can distinguish with a high level of confidence the calcifications that are a result of fat necrosis from calcifications that are related to breast cancers. In a most recent study published on the Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in March 2011, researchers found that there was no statistically significant difference between breast density findings before and after fat injection, whether using the American College of Radiology classification or a personalized rating system. Similarly, no significant difference was observed using the American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System categorization before and after fat grafting. In conclusion, radiographic follow-up of breasts treated with fat grafting is not problematic and should not be a hindrance to the procedure. Although more than a decade ago the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) did not recommend the use of fat grafting for breast augmentation, more recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Fat Graft Task Force has stated that there is no strong evidence for or against autologous breast augmentation. For more information on this topic, you may like to read the following articles:

1. Fat Grafting to the Breast Revisited: Safety and Efficacy

2. Advantages, Disadvantages and Complications of Breast Augmentation with Fat


Common mistakes most patient made

The most common mistakes most patients made were to fly over for surgery while still having menstruation, or failed to stop taking supplements which increase bleeding, such as vitamin E and ginkgo biloba. If you are worried that your menstruation may come anytime, you may get hormone pills from your GP to delay your menstruation, till after surgery. Smoking is definitely a NO NO, which increases the risk of your skin dying off after liposuction. If you have not stopped smoking for at least a month prior to liposuction, and can’t continue to stop for at least a month after, you’d better cancel your surgery.

Should you expect your period to come just before, during, or after liposuction surgery, you can go to see a GP and ask for hormone pills (usually norethisterone) to delay your period. These pills should be started 3 days prior to your expected period, and continued for a few days after surgery. Once you stop taking the pills, your period will come as usual.

My Story

Pregnancy is a gift from God but at the same time it also changes my body shape. Have to bid farewell to my slender and toned body, and welcoming my beautiful kids to the world.

I put on a whopping 23kgs during my second pregnancy!

However, as a new age wife & mommy  who still wants to look good for my  husband, i began to whacked hard on diet pills and slimming massage haha. And so i indeed shed away about 15 kgs within 2 to 3 months time. Although i lost some weights, that actually resulted some areas like my breast to be sunken and fat loss from there (0.o)!! *CRY!*

* A piece of advise for ladies after child-birth, please do not go too fast on dieting to lose weight right after confinement, always go slow and give your skin more time to bounce back and for better health.

Why i decided to go for liposuction

Am also someone who is really lazy to exercise.. hah! , Besides, there are some areas on the body like love handles, arms,double chin that are quite hard to shed off the fats even with exercise.

And so i started to do research on the web and do my homework about liposuction and stumble upon Dr Arthur’s website. Saw alot of photos of his master piece works on his site and was rather impressed by his work. I was excited as that would be one stone kills 2 birds for me! Recycle the fats and transfer back into my sunken breast from the areas that i want to do lipo. haha.

By far, traditional liposuction method of a syringe and cannula is one of the safest of all available methods. And by God’s Grace and Dr Arthur’s confidences and his work, therefore i choose him as i know i am in safe hands.

Looking forward to regain back my slim body! Stay tune~!